2011 Christmas Gift – Awesome Action Plan


Sorry this is a few days late, I was really busy over the holiday weekend.  I hope you enjoyed yours as well :)

Here is a great action plan to get you started with an online business if you haven’t already…

Click Here To Download The Christmas Gift Action Plan

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Exact Steps Show How To Build A $100+ Per Day Income In 2012

Hi friend, here it is… This is how anyone reading this can go from $0 to $100 per day in affiliate income with very little work or investment in 2012…

If you are wondering how long this will take, let me tell you this… It will NOT happen overnight. This plan takes work each day and it just really depends on your determination how fast you get there.

Having said that, what you are about to learn is nothing new or innovative, it is just something that is proven to work time and time again. Ready? Here goes…


You will be building blogs in specific niches in order to reach your income goals.

Why does this work?

This works because you will be targeting very, very specific keywords. These keywords have so little competition that it should be very easy to reach page 1 on Google for the keyword.

General Rule

The longer a keyword is, the easier it should be to rank for.

Take this for example.

It is likely much easier to rank a page on your blog for the keyword “how to get rid of belly fat in one week”

and probably much harder to rank for

“how to get rid of fat”

Do you see what I mean?

What you will do is have hundreds of long tail keywords on your blog. Each article will bring in a bit of traffic each day.

Something like this…

Say you have 100 articles on your blog and each article targets a different long tail keyword. Each day, each article may receive about 10 hits. That is 1000 hits every single day.

Now you just need a product that converts at a measly 1% where you make $10 per sale. Boom – there you have it, $100 per day.

Now, imagine if you had a product that converted at 2% and you made $25 per sale. Bam – that’s $500 per day just like that.

Ok – here are the steps…

Step 1: Select a Niche

Everyone gets hung up on this – so I’m going to make it super easy for you.

Let me let you in on a little secret here – There is an absolute HUGE niche where you can strike gold – what is is?… It’s the embarrassing problem niche. WHAT?

If you want niches that can bank you $25,000 a month, check this out…

Embarrassing Product Niches

Think about it. When someone has a problem like baldness, they usually turn to the Internet before anywhere else and they are more likely to spend any amount of money to solve their problem!

You always need to do this before anything else. Many people get this wrong. Think MASS markets. Think, What problems do people have that I can solve? With the embarrassing problems niche, YOU DON”T HAVE TO find a niche – they are all laid out for you… Embarrassing Product Niches

Step 2: Domain name

Ideally you want to find a domain that has been around for awhile that relates to your niche.

If you can’t find an old domain, no worries, just register a new one at Godaddy or Namecheap and make it relate to your niche.

Step 3: Keyword research

Use Google Keyword Tool

SECRET – choose long tail keywords that relate to product names in your niche. By long tail, I mean long tail. Keywords like

how to get rid of male pattern baldness

TIP – Always pick product names as keywords to target.

Step 4: Set up a WordPress blog on your domain

There are numerous tutorials on this. I’ll admin, it took me awhile to get my first WordPress blog set up, but after that it’s really easy.

Just do a youtube search for how to set up wordpress and you’ll find plenty of directions.

Step 5: Content

Many people also have problems getting this part done. WHY? Because it’s time consuming and sometimes it can be hard to come up with enough content to fill your blog.

TIP – If you can, hire someone to write your content.

If you hire someone, yes, it will cost money, but you won’t have to do any of the work. Check out places like Elance.com or even Fiverr.com and look for people who will write unique articles for your keywords.

If you don’t want to pay for content then here’s how to do it…

Before I get into the technique to get perfect blog posts, here an AWESOME plugin I use to make sure they are perfect from the get go…

SEO PressorThis makes life SOOO much easier when writing content.

For each article/blog post you will need to make it about 800 words.

You need to have the keyword density set at 3%

Then you have to make sure that you have H1, H2, H3 title tags in each post.

Then you have to make sure you have the keyword bold, italic, and underlined in each post.

Then you have to make sure to link to another post in your blog.

Then you have to make sure to link to an authority site off your blog.

Then you have to make sure to have a picture with ALT tags.

Trust me, make your life easier and use SEO Pressor.

Step 6: Promote

You should already have some good traffic coming in purely from the content that you have as long as it scores well in SEO Pressor.

Now you want to kick it up a notch and get some backlinks.

There are numerous ways to get this done. Here’s what I do to get backlinks…

1. Onlywire.com

Sign up and make sure to submit each new piece of content.

2. Pingomatic.com

Ping each post after it has been posted.

3. Get EDU and GOV backlinks

They key to this is being consistent. If you want to streamline this process, I highly recommend, Bring The Fresh. They give you the exact steps to ranking blogs and exactly which link building services get and keep their blogs on page 1 of Google.

I used Bring The Fresh to build my very first wordpress blog and get it ranked on Google and it has been there since plus many more!

How Does This Get You To $100 Per Day?

There are many scenarios that could happen, but let’s take a look at a very conservative scenario.

Let’s say you make $15 as an affiliate for one of the embarrassing product niche products that you promote on your blog.

If you have 100 blog posts and each post gets 10 visits per day then that is 1000 visits to your blog PER DAY.

This is not unrealistic at all. If the product you are promoting converts at 1% then you would make 10 sales per day x $15 per sale – or $150 per day online!


REMEMBER – This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. This takes time to build.

BE PERSISTENT – Just imagine, you make a blog post every day for 1 month. You’d have 30 pieces of content out there brining you traffic.  After just 3 short months, you’d have 90 pieces of content!

The best thing to do is just to get started. Get a blog up and you can worry about all the little tweaks later down the road.

Get your niche products from Embarrassing Product Niches, grab your keywords, and set up your blog.

Happy Holidays friends! Here’s to a wildly successful 2012!

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Get Rid of Your “Case of the Monday’s”

Here’s the clip I was talking about from Office Space…

Anyway – the best way I know of to get rid of your “case of the Monday’s” is to either find a job you genuinely enjoy OR start an online business and get rid of your job…

So, what type of online business should you start? That’s a very good question. Whatever you do decide to do, the very best thing you should start with is an email list. Check out how this guy went from broke to making over $10,000 per month online and added 10,000 people to his mailing list with a very simple business method…

Click Here To go from Broke To no Joke



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How To Have $100+ Days Online

As I said, I’ve had alot of questions about this so, I’ll get straight to the point, here goes…

First, if you are not already, you MUST build an email list. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in. Just start building a list.  I know how you may feel about this, it’s sort of scary.  I know I was scared to death to start my first list.  I didn’t want to pay for an autoresponder which I think was my main obstacle.  I went with a free one for awhile and then finally I opted to get a paid one.  Either way, just start a list.  Here’s what I would do if I had to start all over…

1. Get an autoresponder – if you want a free one (not recommended) check this out… ListWire.com.

I would use Getresponse.com or Aweber.com.

2. Sign up and get familiar with your autoresponder.

3. Get a free pdf, video, audio, etc. to give away in exchange for someone signing up to your list.

4. You need a landing page/squeeze page to send people to – here’s an example that I’ve used for years…

Squeeze Page Example

HINT: I’ve tested conversions and while I have not done it on this particular page, if you remove the name field and just ask people for their email, you should get more people to opt in.

5. You need a download page… another example…

Download Page Example

6. Go back to your autoresponder and create your opt in form

7. Put the opt in form on your squeeze page

8. Make sure the first email that goes out from your autoresponder is immediate and gives them their download link to your download page where they can get the gift they signed up for

9. Drive traffic to your squeeze page – there are countless ways you can do this….

Start a blog
Press releases
Pay per click
Banner ads
Ezine ads

10. Follow up with your subscribers and offer them content of value related to the gift they downloaded. ie – don’t send them content related to dog training if the gift they signed up for was about the stock market.

If you need an example of content, just take a look around this very blog.  I send my readers articles and blog posts that they find useful.

11. Promote products to your list. These can be your own products or products you are an affiliate for. You can create your own products by writing them, from PLR, or you can find products to promote as an affiliate from places like Clickbank, Payspree, Paydotcom.com, Warriorplus.com, etc. There are tons of places that have affiliate programs.

HINT: You want to find products that have a high conversion rate.  For example if a product has a conversion rate of 10% then for every 100 visitors you send your affiliate link to, 10 people should be buying.  That means if you send 100 people to a product converting at 10% and for each sale you make $10, there you just made $100!

For step by step videos on how I do this on a daily basis and have generated $10,000+ in my PayPal account and thousands on a monthly basis – check out Super Simple Profits

To Your Online Success,


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3 Methods To A Quick and Easy List

You have probably seen a lot of stuff on the Internet regarding list building.  Many people make it out to be very difficult to get started and then they try to sell you $3000 a month coaching or something like that.

The reality is that list building is pretty easy to get started with – download this free report by simply clicking below to see what I mean…

Click Here To Download The Free Fast List Report

Follow those methods and you should be able to get some subscribers onto your list.






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Internet Automation Plan

If you haven’t heard of Lee McIntyre, you should check him out.  He’s been online for several years now and has just recently released Internet Automation Plan which details how he generates 500+ subscribers per day while making a cool $3000+ per day online!

Internet Automation Plan is the result of a live workshop that Lee did awhile back and most students reported back with instant results from attending.

Here’s what you’ll get

Module 1: Building Your Automatic Engine

Module 2: Auto Recurring Income

Module 3: The Power Of Secret Whispers

Module 4: Autopilot Traffic

Module 5: Replicate Yourself Many Times Over

Module 6: Making It All Work

That is exactly what you will learn and it is exactly how Lee generates thousands of dollars per day on autopilot. Internet Automation Plan has been released and it’s definitely worth checking out.  The video is a bit long but since the product is great, then that’s not really a big deal to me anyway.

For just $5 you get the entire recordings to all six webinars
revealing the entire system for setting up your own automated
online business that generates subscribers, sales and affiliate
commissions without you spending every minute in front of your
If you want to gain instant access to the Internet Automation
Plan for just $5, click the link below.

Download Internet Automation Plan

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3 Neat (but a little strange) Traffic Tips… $1000/day with CPA?

I’ve run into some very good traffic sources over the pastfew weeks and I wanted to share them with you today….  These are the very traffic strategies used to make cash on a daily basis with CPA, affiliate marketing, or even my own products…

Cool Traffic Source #1


This is what is called a document sharing site. What you can do is create a PowerPoint presentation and upload it to the site. Slideshare gets over 50 Million visitors per month!

Don’t worry about how long or how good the presentation is, I’ve done several of varying lengths, usually around 10 slides.

Then share it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other means you have to share content.

Cool Traffic Tip #2

Facebook Notes

Type a few of these into Google and you’ll notice that Facebook notes are in the top results for many…

ASUS N61JV-X2 16-Inch Versatile Entertainment Laptop
HP Pavilion dv6-6170us Entertainment Notebook PC
Hamilton Beach 31125 6-slice toaster oven

I found this very interesting especially since these are buying type of keywords not just information seekers.

Cool Traffic Tip #3

Solo ads. Yep, these you unfortunately have to pay for unless you can arrange it with the list owner to do some type of exchange for services or something.

There are tons of places to get solo ads – here is an incredible list of people who sell solo ads… This is a HUGE traffic source for me and it could be for you too ! I probably shouldn’t share this, but I want to give you the best…


I’ve purchased several ads from people at that site and they always turn out well.

Here’s another sweet traffic source that could earn you $1000 a day just with CPA marketing…

Download $1000 Days With CPA

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Build a Money Making Niche Site in 10 Minutes With Software

You’ve probably heard this before but I want to do something a little different here. I want to show you that building niche sites actually works! I’m going to give you an example of one of my own that made me a lot of money last year.

Here it is… http://turbotrafficsystem.org.uk

Why am I showing this to you? I want you to get that positive feeling by showing you what is possible if you take this seriously.

I made this site based around the Turbo Traffic System. That was my keyword as you can see on the blog.

Last year that blog made me over $6000 in affiliate commissions. If you break that down, it’s about $500 per month. Yes, I was getting paypal payments every month for around $500 just for having that blog up.

Now that affiliate program has since closed. I was pretty upset at first but then I figured that since it was still getting traffic, I could keep all of the content and just redirect the traffic to another offer, so I did that as you can also see on the blog.

So just think about it. If you can create one niche blog that will make you $100 per month, why not create hundreds of them? That is the basic goal of this business model and Simple Site Sensei makes it incredibly easy to get started.

Now, instead of spending 5+ hours creating niche sites, I use software to create them which opens up so much more time and that is what I want for you too :)

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to succeed.  More importantly, I want you to experience what it is like to live life on your terms.  I want you to be able to put up some blogs and start making money each month. I used to be totally against software that creates niche sites, but this one is actually pretty awesome…

Click Here to Build Money Making Niche Sites in 10 Minutes!

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Case Study – Traffic From Guest Posts

I feel like I’ve sent alot of promotions lately and alot of things you have to opt in to get so tonight, I’m giving this awesome tip away. I’ve actually seen this EXACT traffic method sell at the Warrior Forum as a WSO for $9 – $17.

Guest posting for traffic is actually very under utilized and I’m not really sure why. I find it very easy to do and I usually get alot of traffic as a result.

This is actually a method I teach about in many of my products as it is a great way to get free and targeted traffic, and after all, that is what makes sales.

I think many people do not like to use guest posting because it involves contacting blog owners and I guess people are afraid of rejection. This happens, but there is a way around that.

Just be proactive when you contact blog owners about guest posting. I often give them a link to my blog and a link to some of my article site profiles so they can see some of my work. I also suggest that if I can add links back to my site then they should go ahead and put a link in my article to something of theirs.

They like this because they are getting content for free that will have a link to some of their other content. In other words, win, win situation.

So, here is the easiest way to start guest blogging for traffic.

1. Go to google and look up keyword “guest post” + “powered by wordpress”

2. Find the contact info for the blog owner and contact them.

Tell them that you are a writer and you can provide them with articles. The BEST kept secret is this…

Tell the blog owner that you can give them weekly or monthly articles. This way, you have a consistent source of traffic to your site.

When you contact them either provide them with samples of your writing OR go ahead and write the article and send it to them. They’ll be surprised that you already have it written and more often than not they will post it soon after you contact them.

Here’s one guest post I recently did Guest Post, which went really well, I got tons of traffic back to my squeeze page, several opt ins, and a few sales.

Imagine if you contacted just 10 blog owners in your niche and you agreed you would write 1 article per month for each of them. If each time you got 100 visitors to your site, that is an automatic 1000 visitors per month as long as you keep providing the articles.

This is such an easy way to get traffic, it just takes a little bit more work in the beginning.

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Easiest Way To Start Your Online Business Today

Basic Tools You Need

If you want to run a successful business online or offline, you are going to need some tools.  The difference is that starting an online business costs thousands less than an offline one.  You don’t need a physical building and therefore there is no rent, electricity, phone bills, etc.
Without the necessary tools you will struggle to start an online business.  These are the tools you need at a minimum.

This post will show you EXACTLY what I do every single day with my online business.

Hosting and Domain

If you already have this, great you can move on.

I personally use HostGator. The reason I use HostGator is because I can host multiple domains for one low monthly fee. Check out HostGator hosting here.

For each domain I purchase, I use namecheap, you can visit namecheap here.

Auto Responder

You need a list. If you have been on my list for any amount of time, hopefully you already know this fact. I personally use Getresponse.com and Aweber.com.

Aweber is $1 for 30 days and after that they will charge you $19.95 a month. BUT as your list grows so will your monthly charge. For example, I have a list in Aweber that is over 10,000 and my bill will be near $200 this month.

If you are uncertain about Aweber, you should check out Getresponse.com.

Blog Set Up

Whenever I start a new website I build it using WordPress.  This is very easy to do.  There is a button in your cpanel that says “Fantastico”.  Just click this button and you’ll be shown how to install WordPress on your domain.  If you are having trouble with this just use Google or Youtube and look up, “how to install wordpress”.  That is exactly what I did because just a few months ago I didn’t know how to use wordpress for blogs.
You will then want a few plugins to make your blog nice and clean.  I use:

  • All In One SEO Pack
  • Google XML Sitemaps

Squeeze Page – To Collect Email Addresses

This is a step where many people kind of freak out. I usually build my own squeeze pages but that is because I know how to. I use Netscape Composer which is free. There are also many other options available.

The best and easiest way to make your squeeze page is with this….

Professional Squeeze Page Pack

Traffic To Squeeze Page

Free Traffic

Now that the scary part of making your squeeze page is over you need to get some traffic. In order for you to make money, you need quality traffic, not junk traffic. I wouldn’t even bother with any website or system that says you can get thousands of visitors for like five dollars. You may as well light a five dollar bill on fire.

The best free traffic you can get is from Adswaps. This is basically when you and another marketer team up and you send an email to each others list promoting each others squeeze pages. You agree you will send each other a certain amount of clicks and go from there.

The best way to do this is to trade squeeze pages and send traffic to each others squeeze page.

I personally use SafeSwaps

Paid Traffic

The best paid traffic in my opinion is from solo ads.  Solo ads are when you buy traffic from another marketer.
Solo ads can cost anywhere from $20 to $500 in my experience.  It just depends on how much traffic you need.  Different marketers sell their solo ads for different prices.

Here is a good guide you can refer to for solo ad pricing:

  • For $35 to $50 you should get 150 clicks
  • For $60 to $100 you should get 250 clicks
  • For $125 to $200 you should get 500 clicks
  • For $250+ you should get at least 1000 clicks

Learn more about both of these options here.

Solo Ad Results – Expectations

It is impossible for me to know what results you will achieve because I don’t know what you are giving away and I don’t know what you are selling.  I also am not sure if you have tested properly.
In my experience you need to test in order to know how things will turn out.  Here is what I generally expect from a quality solo ad.

If I spend $150 to get 500 clicks, I should generally get around 200 opt ins.  Out of these 200 opt ins, I should get 3 one time offer sales at $17.  Normally another 3 one time offer sales at $20 each.

Now, obviously this didn’t happen the first time around.  I’m pretty sure the first time around I got a boatload of subscribers but I didn’t know what to do with them so I only made a few sales.

Then, on my thank you page, I have banners that offer additional bonuses which also may lead to other sales and I expect about 1 of these.

So, of my $150 spend, I gain 200 new subscribers and around $120 to $130 immediately.

Another great thing about SafeSwaps is that you can communicate with anyone that is a member and find tons of solo ads for sale.

Additional Traffic

In addition to ad swaps and solo ads there are other ways to get traffic to your squeeze pages.  Here are some methods I use:

  • Article Marketing – ArticlesBase, StreetArticles, Ezinearticles, Goarticles
  • Craigslist
  • Usfreeads


Link swaps – Not many people know about these.  This is when you make an arrangement with another marketer to put your link on their download page and vice versa.

Make Money From Your List

Strategy 1

After opting in you should have your auto responder automatically send out an email with their download link.

Here is something you can do that can bring in some additional sales.  Place an affiliate link or two on your download page.

You could even place an affiliate link in your follow up email – just be sure to provide them with their download link.

Strategy 2

Here is another way to monetize your list – although you should expect to get alot of unsubscribes using this strategy.

It has been studies that once a subscriber is on your list they are hot and ready to buy in the first few days.  Then after a week or so they are burnt out and they will move on.

Here is the strategy.  Offer a free software download and a one time offer after they sign up.  Then for the next 7 days follow up with emails promoting new clickbank product launches.

While this works, it is not a good way to build trust and a responsive email list.

What I may suggest is if you choose to use this method then you should build 2 lists.  1 using strategy 1 and 1 using strategy 2.

What to promote?

Here are a few programs I promote:

WebCopyCat – you earn $33.50 per sale - Sign Up For A Free Account Here

DownloadPLRProducts.com – This sells very well and you can start building a great monthly income. Create a free account here

CBLeads.com – At the time this was written they were paying one dollar per lead and you can also earn on backend sales. Click here for a free CBLeads Account

Making More Money From Your Signature

Using your email signature is a good way to get extra sales of certain products. Generally I place my hosting affiliate link, domain affiliate link, and auto responder affiliate link in my signature.

That’s is not all though, I’ve seen people do things like this


Follow Me On Twitter – their Twitter link
Cheap Hosting – Hosting Link
Autoresponder Link
Facebook Link
Skype Link
Another related affiliate link with a catchy title

That is just an example, you can play around with it to see what makes you sales.

This entire process is explained extremely well inside of WebCopyCat.

Check out the entire system for only $5 by Clicking Here Now.


The very best thing you can do is just do something.  I don’t care if your squeeze page is ugly or something is not just right.  Just do something and get a system in place that has the potential to start earning.

I hope you found this post helpful, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what frustrations you have or if you have any questions.

If you want to know more about building your list with ad swaps, check this out… Ad Swap Secrets


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